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About us

Our Mission

Hi, I am Max Keller with Savior Home Buyers. I am the best selling author of “Home to Home – The Step By Step Senior Housing Guide”. My company helps senior homeowners and their families in Northeast Tarrant County.

Senior homeowners and their family members who call us normally want to better under their options on;

  • Selling their home
  • Staying in their home longer
  • Type of senior housing – pros and cons
  • Ways to pay for senior housing
  • Helping their parents successfully navigate selling a family home and moving in with other family or to a retirement community

I have successfully helped hundreds of families with their homes in the last 5 years. Before real estate, I was a teacher in HEB ISD for 7 years. Anytime you reach out to me there is no obligation. Our team loves to help the community and teach whatever we know.

Be well and God Bless!

Max Keller 




About Max

Max’s relationship with his grandmother has inspired him to help as many seniors and their families as he can. The majority of our home buyer customers are Seniors. Max was able to help his grandma with her home challenges but not everyone has a support system like this.

Max’s mission is to education and help as many seniors and their families as possible  Max Keller has over 15 years of experience in Real Estate, Finance, and Teaching. He earned his B.B.A. in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin and earned an M.A. in Teaching from Louisiana College .

Some of his current roles are –  Consultant, Teacher, Author,  Speaker, and Expert Panelist. Max created Savior Home Buyers as a way to serve his community and help Seniors with their  Real Estate challenges. We do this through education. The Savior brand of companies focuses on providing Christian Real Estate and Business solutions to our clients. Personally, Max enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and going on family activities like Church, Vacation, and just investing time together.